The Sunland Park Public Works action plan is grounded in three core themes: preserving and enhancing the quality of life, transforming the local economy, and empowering the individual resident, home or business owner, and community stakeholders. The selecting of themes is based on the belief that active and meaningful citizen involvement in planning the future of the community will result in greater commitment of community residents to make the desired future a reality. The recommended key performance areas include:

    • Civic engagement
    • Economic development
    • Education
    • Health
    • Quality of life
    • Transportation

Civic engagement is both one of the six community priorities and the underlying strategy for achieving the other five. Common to all of these action work programs is the dual concept of building civic problem-solving skills and embedding collaboration among community networks, government entities, civic organizations and institutions.

Key tasks include:

Restarting and ramping up the community outreach and public information efforts.
Clarifying and engaging leadership throughout the community.

Defining and securing funding for the broad spectrum of community projects and ensuring the budgeting process strengthens the community’s civic pride and welfare. This is essential to the overall success of work on community problems and improving coordination among government organizations. Residents in building their individual public lives and building toward a sustainable, connected, and collaborative community where individuals, families, and businesses thrive and flourish should base the operating premise in active and meaningful participation.

This is daunting work – that of setting the priorities for future investments in critical community facilities and services. The choices are greater than just the capacity of one jurisdiction or organization to resolve. Therefore, the citizens, business, government units, non-profit organizations, and other entities located in Sunland Park must be engaged and invest in the future of the community. All of us share concern about how the Sunland Park area will be able to fund many millions of dollars in future community facilities needs for roads, utilities, schools, performing arts, park, open space, recreation, library, community centers, and health clinics and so on. We are pursuing a program to overcome a decentralized and fragmented political and community decision-making process that has long inhibited both governmental collaboration and effective civic participation. We want to reverse the rising frustration and disengagement by citizens in the governmental process and return to financial solvency to help offset future community expenses.

The Sunland Park Public Works community visioning process is designed to bring all sectors of the community together to create a broad understanding and strategic planning process aimed at building a reinvigorated sense of community purpose and clear priorities for the future.