• Objectives:
  1. Reduce the population for adult mosquitoes in the City of Sunland Park.
  2. Respond to reports and complaints from residents.

  • Methods:
  1. Survey to locate larvae breeding sites as possible with light traps in order to make decisions on fogging for adult mosquitoes.
  2. Attack mosquito larvae in standing water with Larvicide pellets.
  3. Adulticide for mosquitoes will be sprayed with ULV (ultra low volume) truck-mounted unit and will be performed at early morning hours. 
  4. Fogging will be twice a week, dependent on:
    1. Wind speeds less than 7 m/h
    2. Rain chances less than 50%
    3. Temperature less than 60’ Fahrenheit
    4. Verified presence of mosquito population in specific area to be treated.

  • Neighborhoods covered:
    • Anapra: Madero, Diaz, Obregon, Hidalgo, Morocco, Etc.
    • Shadow Mountain: City Hall, Ardovino, Anapra, Findley, Hope
    • Meadow Vista: Ocotillo, Roble, Yucca, Palo Verde, Mesa Verde, Encino, Etc.
    • Gay Keating: Antone, Carlos Aguirre, Hurd, Posey, Riverside, Walnut, Etc.
    • Buena Vista: Arenas, Loma Linda, Las Casitas, Etc.
    • Meadow Vista: Del Prado, Mesquite, Sierra Vista, Etc.
    • Sunland Park : 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, Manzana, Etc.
    • Tierra Madre: Las Flores, Los Pinos Etc.
    • Valle Vista: Anita, Lura, Ross, Rita, Etc
    • Rio Vista: Brazos, Hondo, Gila, Pecos, Zuni, Etc.
    • Edgemont: Mason Farms, Industrial Park, Ranchos Del Rio, Crawford, Naranjo, Santa Teresita.